Cinematography/Camera Work

nbc what i watch Under Construction
Xbox Video
"Expendables at Comic-Con"

Xbox Video
"NBC: What I Watch"

Xbox Video
"Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2"

Xbox Video
"Revolution at Comic-Con"

"Still Addicted" Music Video

"Fried" Music Video
"10 Questions w/ Mickey Rourke"
"10 Questions w/ Smokey Robinson"
"10 Questions w/ Ron Howard"
"Wine Testing with Joel Stein
& Gary Vaynerchuck"
"10 Questions w/ Hugh Hefner"
"10 Questions w/ Will.I.Am"
"Q&A with Abigail Breslin"
"Ghosts of the Mojave Desert"
"10 Questions w/ Javier Bardem"
"10 Questions w/ Pete Sampras"

Society of Young Professionals
Gala 2007

A Beat of a Different Drum

Lil' Scrappy Boy

Eskrima Fight Sequence